I hadn’t walked my big boy Magnus for almost two months now, ever since I brought Greta into the house more than a week prior to her birthing. I had been sleeping on a folding bed beside the whelping box until she gave birth, and for three more weeks since then. I lost so much sleep that I didn’t feel I’d be 100% in shape for walking the big guy, so mostly I let him roam the grounds the whole day, with only meals and a quick shower in the afternoon in his kennel. I guess he got used to that, but when he saw me this morning in my usual walking getup he was obviously excited. He jumped up on me, then realizing that it was a NO-NO he sat with his butt twitching, waiting for me to slip the leash over his head.

And so this morning we resumed our walking routine, down the street around the block, along the highway and stopping at the bakery for his cheesebread, taking in the early morning chill, with the hint of a drizzle. It’s like we never stopped walking at all. I love my big boy Magnus, and he loves me 🙂

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Getting back on track

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