We have decided on the final plan for the whelping box for Greta, and realizing that we need to build it asap so she can get used to it. The basic plan is laid out, only the add-ons are being considered, such as a chair cushion for comfort at foambmail, to put on top of the seats at the corners. More for me than for Greta, so I can keep her company when she becomes a mommy and to be on hand should she need help.

I have read more than a dozen articles about dogs giving birth and how their humans can best be of help, and the wisest advice I have seen is the one that tells the human to sit back but be attentive, and intervene only when it is absolutely needed. It would be prudent to have the usual medical instruments on hand, but the human must trust the mommy dog to know what she is doing, and to offer assistance only when there are signs that the mommy dog cannot handle the situation.

It might also be good to have a vet on hand, but a whelping bitch may be distrustful of strangers, and having one in the premises might be more detrimental than useful.

Getting ready for Greta’s big day

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