For all its faults as a telco, I have to put in a good word for Globe’s GCash, which I now regularly use. It gives me a small rebate when I use it to pay my power bill, 10% off when I use it to buy load for my phone.

Now I’ve activated the GCash Virtual American Express (Debit) Card, which I have successfully linked to my PayPal account. PayPal funding has always been a problem for me, but not anymore. The exchange rate isn’t bad either, I paid around 100 pesos less than I thought I would.

So now I can buy stuff on eBay with money I have on hand. Very convenient.

This is the link to Globe’s GCash Amex page. If you get un “unsecure site warning” message on your browser just click on proceed.

And this is a link to the Philmug Forum thread where good as well as bad feedback on the GCash Amex Card can be found.

Globe’s GCash: Very convenient in my opinion

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One thought on “Globe’s GCash: Very convenient in my opinion

  1. Good day, ma’am! This is Justin. This comment of mine is not at all related to this post (Globe’s Gcash). Nakita ko lang po itong site niyo thru Google. I’m Justin po. Graduated at Olivarez College. Bali, classmate ko po si Xavier for 4 years, from 1st year to 4th. Gusto ko lang po sana siya kumutahin. Or is there anyway po ba para ma-contact ko siya?

    Hoping for your response po.
    -Xavier’s friend.

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