A year or so ago I came across this reality show with Ryan Cayabyab and a bunch of young folks he was mentoring, and the scene I chanced on was when they had a surprise visit from a pop icon from the 80’s.

So there was Ryan, saying that they had a visitor and in walks Tony Hadley, and I fan scream in my seat for about five seconds straight, but then I see the looks on the kids faces they’re like “who’s the old geezer” and the camera zooms in on Tony’s face as it dawns on him “F*k they don’t know who I am.” And that to me was the saddest moment ever.

So here’s to my idol Tony Hadley and the rest of the Spandau Ballet, who will forever be, to me, Gold.

Spandau Ballet - The Best Of Spandau Ballet - Front


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