I had been with my webhost since 2005. That’s right, 8 Years. I’ve entrusted several sites with them, quite a number of my design and hosting clients, and all of my domain registrations.

But recently there was a marked difference in the way they handled tech support. Calls that I made that were answered in less than 24 hours, now went unnoticed. Back then there were two tech guys answering my emails in turn. I owe one of them a coffee, and the other some chocolates, but somehow we never got together for me to do that. That’s one of my small regrets.

I did get to talk to one of the original owner/managers a few months ago, who revealed to me that they had handed over the business and financial end of the hosting service to their partners. It was business and finance whose fingers pulled the triggers now.

My site (and those of my clients’) went off and on like Christmas lights with no advance notice and no apology after. Their facebook page is unupdated and my emailed requests and inquiries went unanswered. I decided it was time to leave.

Sometime after I became active on Twitter again, I won a years worth of webhosting at Bluehost from WP Beginner:

And there it was, my chance to move.

As a token of thanks to my previous web host I will not mention their name here. After all my domains are still registered with them. I will move the domains in their turn, a month before they expire.

So now, you are reading my blog as it is being served by Bluehost. Prior to this I had already moved my other hosting clients, saving my own stuff, as usual, for last.

Goodbye and Hello

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