This site, as well as other sites that are hosted with me, was down for most of December until today. The fault solely rests on myself.

Now that we’re back in business, I think it’s time for a renewed effort in getting this blog back in shape, as with my own personal need to get back in better shape (my original shape being circular notwithstanding). Type 2 diabetes and other possible internal setbacks should not deter me, God willing, there will be more things to write about.

There is always something to write about. My dogs. Photography. Photographing my dogs. Photographing me with my dogs 😀

Politics! With Philippine elections coming up in four months there’s plenty to rant about. Candidates pre-campaigning and pretending not to. Candidates pre-campaigning and brazenly so. Candidates who don’t care about campaigning because they have everyone else in their pockets anyway.

Raising rottweilers. Our Magnus and Greta have become minor celebrities, or so I’d like to believe. Their the babies of this family. We’ve had to put them on a diet because they grew a bit too fast for their own good. Less food. Just as much love. I think it’s the love more than the food that made them grow.

It’s good to see you guys again. It’s good to be back 🙂

Hello, 2013!

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