295670_10151528310193343_1865755797_nAt first I thought it was because my iPhone 3GS had seen better days, but when I googled the problem I realized I wasn’t the only one having it.

My iPhone 3GS, as well as my iPad 3, would show the number of updates available on the App Store icon, but when I tapped the icon to look at what updates were indeed available, the Update screen would show nothing. It was blank. My initial research showed that a lot of users were blaming ios 6.1, but further on I discovered that it really isn’t the ios’ fault, but an App Store synchronization glitch.

One of the suggestions for a workaround was to sign out of the App Store and then sign back in again. The other solution, which I tried because it was faster for me to do, was to do a hard reset.

How to do a hard reset on an iPhone/iPad/iPod:

Hold down the sleep/wake button (top side) and the home button (big circle at bottom) at the same time, and keep holding them down together until the device shuts itself down. You may see the “slide to power off” screen, but you can ignore that. Keep holding the buttons down just a bit longer until you see the apple logo appear on the screen. When you see the apple logo, you can release both buttons.

A hard reset solved the “invisible updates” problem and I was able to update my device via wifi. But what I usually do these days is update from iTunes (I’m on a Mac so it’s not too much of a hassle) because I usually keep the mac wired instead of on wifi and the internet connection is just a bit faster.

If you’re here because of the iphone blank update screen problem, I hope this post helped you.

ios 6.1 bug or app store bug?

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