After reading this: I decided to give it a try to see if I can make it work. Although I have a second monitor at home for the mbp, it might help to have a second monitor when I’m on the road working.

What worked for me:

1. On the macbook pro: Screen Recycler, download from here

2. On the iPad: Mocha VNC Lite, download from iTunes store.

3. Install and run Screen Recycler on the mac. Once it’s running you will see a small status window that says Awaiting connection. Note the details in the box below it, you will need to enter at least one of the details to connect from your iPad.

4. Run Mocha VNC Lite on your iPad. Go to Configure and enter the server address provided by Screen Recycler. I recommend entering the local mac name instead of an ip address, so that the connection will be good no matter what network you’re on. This is assuming that the mac and the iPad are always on the same network. I’m posting this as a how-to on making the iPad as a secondary display, so connecting remotely isn’t covered by this explanation.

5. On Mocha VNC tap Connect, and then tap the connection you just created. Wait a few seconds, and watch the magic happen :)If you’ve used VNC before you’ll know that the second screen is positioned to the right of the first display, so you can drag windows to the right.

If you haven’t used VNC before it may take some getting used to, locating where your windows should be placed. It’s going to feel a bit weird seeing a cursor floating around on your ipad when the mouse pointer is on that screen 😛

Mostly what I use a secondary screen for is side-by-side comparison between browsers, quick copy paste work, especially if the primary display isn’t all that big.

I hope this helps whoever reads this 🙂

iPad as Second (or even third) monitor for Macbook Pro

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