What do Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, Prince and Jason Mraz have in common? They all play on guitars made by the people who make the big baby taylor guitar.

It’s taking your idolisation to the next level, buying stuff that the people you admire have. I’ll always keep my Nikon FM2 and 105mm AiS lens, for instance, because it’s the camera and lens that my idol Steve McCurry used to shoot the Afghan girl photo for the National Geographic.

Of course, having the same gear as your idols have won’t assure that you’ll be as good as they are. It’s an old Taglish (mixture of Tagalog and English) saying: “It’s the Indian, not the Pana.” This means that a good tool in the hands of a craftsman can produce great things, as opposed to a fantastic tool in the hands of a newbie may not necessarily yield good products.

It’s the Indian

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