A few words about the Mac vs PC from an absolutely non-techie (make that non-paid techie) point of view.

We have three laptops at home. Two run on Windows, and one is a Macbook Pro from 2010. One Win laptop is older, the other one newer than the MBP. Both lappies have 4GB of RAM, while the MBP has 8GB, which I installed as well.

Save for one time when I had to change the hard disk for a new one after I dropped the MBP at Cotabato Airport (clumsy oaf) I never had any operational problems with the MBP, through OS upgrades and the like. It takes less than 20 seconds to be usable after startup, and never takes more than 10 sec to shutdown.

The windows lappies, well, they’re another story. Unending stream of updates before it can shutdown, or even startup. Antivirus programs slowing stuff down. Not to mention the display. One is a Toshiba, the other a Sony Vaio. Did I say to not mention the display?

On the MBP, however, the colors of the photos I edit match the displays of my other apple devices, meaning how a photo looks like on the mac is the same way it does on the iPhone and on the iPad. With that kind of consistency I can be assured that my photos will look the same way as I see them, or as close to it as possible, on a properly calibrated monitor.

Men will always argue the technical. It’s like to drive a car you have to know each and every part there is and how they work together to make the car run, before you have the right to drive it.

I, on the other hand, just need to know how to change a flat tire.

It’s a lame analogy since I don’t drive or own a car, but I do own a few cameras, as well as several apple devices and machines, and had spent 15 years of my pre-retirement life servicing windows machines.

I don’t need to know what’s in a (i)Mac(book Pro) to know that I enjoy editing photos on it more than I did with the windows machines that I have used, including some of the toughest Dell and Lenovo machines that the company I worked for sells. My pictures look better on machines and devices that bear the apple logo. I’m not saying I take awesome photos — I’m saying they look better on a mac than they do on any other machine.

Call me a fanboy (well, actually fanGIRL) all you want, and I do agree with you that one should buy what one can afford. But I think of computers now the way I think about camera gear. I buy the best I can get, or I wait. I wait till I can afford to buy the best, or work till I get enough moolah to buy the best.

Best thing to do for one considering a purchase is to see if he can get hands on time on the machines he has his eye on.

My workspace at home

Mac vs. PC (from a layman’s point of view)

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