Magnus and Greta are my dogs. They are Rottweilers.

Magnus, as of this writing, is ten and a half months old. Greta will soon be eight months old.

We didn’t get them both at the same time. We got Magnus first, when he just over a month old, and like a baby we had to get up at set hours in the middle of the night to feed him milk out of a baby bottle.

Greta, on the other hand, was almost four months old when we got her. She had lived with other dogs, and was more “dog-like” than Magnus was. Magnus always thought he was a human baby. Greta had no such illusions. She knew she was a dog, which made her ability to get into our good graces more remarkable.

They’re who I’m busy with most of the time these days, partly the reason why I haven’t been updating this blog as well. They have a Facebook Page too.

Magnus and Greta the Rottweilers

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