The trouble with numerous online sites these days is they all default to US$ currency when showing product prices. That means I always have to convert from my country’s currency — Philippine Peso — to US$, which is fine for me if what I’m buying is within the 20-dollar area (poor math skills what can I say). But anything bigger than that I have to consult with Oanda plus all the other surcharges involved when I pay with my peso-funded virtual CC or via PayPal.

But when I went to look for some gear over at great Fishman at musician’s friend I was surprised to find that prices defaulted to the currency of my country, and I thought great, no more conversion, I right away knew just how much I had to fork over when I decide to buy something. Better yet, I can pay either with my PayPal or my virtual CC. Now that’s convenience.

Making things easy for the online buyer

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