In a forum thread on Portraiture, Fashion, Glamour, and Nude where there are over 160 threads marked NSFW (Not Safe For Work), it is curious to note that the most viewed and most participated in thread is “Photographing Children.”

I can look at that in a number of ways. Our forum members love kids, have lots of kids, lots of relatives and/or neighbors who are kids, making them the most convenient portraiture subjects. On the other hand, we might also be unknowingly feeding a lot of pedophiles on the internet, but then again the Portraiture thread isn’t visible to non-registered members, so I’m not as worried about that. The REAL first name and last name as username rule should at least be a deterrent, although we have little means of finding out if there are any dummy accounts that belong to pedophiles/stalkers. I find that thought sobering, at the least.

The second most viewed thread is “Photographing your Loved Ones,” while third is “Self-Portraiture.” I guess this means that next to taking pictures of (our) kids, we also take lots of pictures of our relatives and loved ones, who also happen to be convenient subjects (and at times also very affordable), and, lastly, of ourselves.

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