In case you don’t already know — FedEx has been using 3rd party couriers here in the Philippines, and they can charge the recipient an arm–maybe even both arms and a kidney–and a leg in storage fees. The customs charge will be reasonable, but the storage fees will be exorbitant compared to the actual price/value of your item. So if you ever have relatives or sellers abroad who might be sending you stuff, make sure to tell them NOT to use FedEx, now fulfilled here in the Philippines by Air21.

Just today they attempted to charge me more than P1,000.00 for the delivery of a book that I had won as a prize. Books are not taxable. The 1,000+ charge is for the storage fees, similar to the issue I had with them in May of this year when they made me pay almost 3,000 for an item that was half that amount in price.

I had lodged a complaint against FedEx and their Pinas contractor Cargohaus, which was picked up by the Department of Finance and channeled through the Bureau of Customs, requiring FedEx/Cargohaus to explain the charges, but up to now they have yet to do so.

Cargohaus can do that, I suppose, because and I quote a certain Hartzell Cueva who is a manager for Air21 here in Davao City,

“Cargohaus is a Customs-bonded warehouse. By law, all imports must pass through a Customs-bonded warehouse for assessment of duties and taxes by Customs assessors. Whatever fees that are charged by Cargohaus are sanctioned by Customs according to Phil. law and supported by receipts. However, the amount of duties and taxes are beyond Cargohaus and fully rests with Customs assessors.”


NO to FedEx delivery to the Philippines!

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One thought on “NO to FedEx delivery to the Philippines!

  1. You are totally correct! I purchased a sliding door repair kit from Poland for a friend who is disabled. I got him this one because his wheelchair damages the runners of the aluminum type they have here so got him beveled edge tracks do as not to damage his sliding doors. Sadly he will not be getting this just yet because I asked them to re access the tax after they are trying to charge nearly 100% tax on an item that should have a tax of no more than 10%. From what I read they will now store the repair kit and try to charge a storage fee. Believe me not only are they lazy scum not bothering to correct the customs tax by making an excuse by saying its the Philippines customs that cause the problem when it is controlled by them, they also try to charge for storage for refusal of delivery when I didn’t refuse delivery, I asked the tax be corrected. I know I am right because my wife who is a filipna used to work for the Philippines customs. My wife has all the details she needs and on our next trip to the Philippines she will be consulting with some ex colleagues and attorneys to take action against them if its not sorted out. Of course i will bring the new track repair kit with me from the UK and have to pay no import charge for this. DO NOT USE FEDEX The Philippines customs and imports are not to blame, in fact they work hard to provide a good service. FedEx for most parts of the world are a good service, but in the Philippines DON”T BOTHER! Very corrupt staff and service

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