A while back I wrote something about being the person in the background, working for the visionaries but never once having my own vision, or had one revealed to me. I thought that was tough, but hey, some are meant to saw, some to hew, some to hoe. And some, a very few, are meant to reap.

I know a man who is himself a visionary, but had always reserved his talents for helping other men. His ideas were used, re-used and sometimes abused, by other men, but he didn’t mind. He said that was his job. It was what he was good at. It didn’t matter if he had to go to places some people wouldn’t even dare to think of going, talk to people that would as soon as stab you in the back as look at you. Convince people to say yes only to have them say no the minute his back was turned. He didn’t mind doing all that, because it was his job.

And I guess that’s what we’ve all been put here on earth to do. Our jobs. It’s just that sometimes some people don’t do a good enough job, or an honest enough job, or provide results worthy of one’s skills. But he did. I know I can say that. I know a few other people can say that. I know a lot of other people don’t want to say that because they know he’s a lot better than he looks, and that scares the hell out of them.

His job is never done. Even if people say it is, even if he says it is. I say it’s never done because there will always be people coming to him, for a talk, for advice, something to help them out with, something to help make this stinky world a better place. He’s the go-to guy for ideas, something a lot of other men have little, if any, of. He’ll always have something to do. But not just yet perhaps. Not just yet.

Not just yet

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