Now we face the onset of the rainy season, days of when appointments are cancelled due to flood or heavy traffic. And there’s nothing ese to do but pick up our old guitars and strum a few. They’re not as fancy as the b.c. rich bass guitars at Guitar Center, but one is a Lumanog acoustic folk guitar and the other is a Yamaha G-70D. Nothing outstanding, but not too shabby either.

The thing with music taking second fiddle to work is that one forgets a lot of things, like the way capo d’astros look like in this day and age. When we were younger they looked like this:

Capo d'astro, old

Now they look like this:

Capo d'astro, now

I’m still trying to get used to the new design, but I do think they’re better than the old ones.

Picking up again

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