There have been photos going around on Facebook and other places on the net, of politicians apparently (and sickeningly) taking advantage of the plight of those hardest hit by Typhoon Yolanda.

Among these are a photo of the back of a truck with a huge tarpaulin cover with Vice President Binay’s face on it, making it look like the VP is politicizing aid to Yolanda victims.

There is one that I saw just a few minutes ago of instant noodles bearing a yellow label and ribbon symbol of the President.

Both images are not at all related to the aid for Yolanda’s victims. I will post proof below, including how to check if images are new or rehashed, before you decide to react. Please make sure you see all the comments for the steps.

We all need to help. Bashing does not help.

ONE of the ways you can trace an image’s age is via Google Images. Go to and you will see this:

Bambit Gaerlan's photo.

Click on the small black camera icon in the search box, and you will see this:

Bambit Gaerlan's photo.
Now, take an image you have seen anywhere on facebook, and find the actual URL of the image. You can do this by right-clicking on an image and selecting “Copy Image Location” (Firefox), or “Copy Image URL” (Chrome), or “Copy Image Address” (Safari). Sorry I don’t use IE hehe. When you have done that, click inside Google’s Paste Image URL, right-click and paste, then click the Search by Image button.

And here’s our first example. The Yellow Ribbon noodle packs. After performing the above steps on this photo I got this result:

Our second example: The back of the truck with the Veep’s tarp.

You can also use an online exif viewer as one FB poster did, but who may have deleted the particular post perhaps because he realized it was faulty evidence.

You see, XMP data–which contains data that includes the date when the photo was actually taken–is stripped by Facebook, ergo using Jeffery’s Online Exif viewer ( will be useless on FB posted photos.

ICC data, which does appear, contains a DATE but it is NOT the date on which the photo was taken, but the date of release of the ICC profile used to when the image was first opened in an image editor. The FB poster who uploaded the image of a white plastic bag full of apparently relief goods with a sticker of the VP’s office, tried to prove its age using the ICC profile date, which is wrong.

We might have better luck if we find the same photo posted elsewhere but not sourced from facebook, but our best bet is google’s image finder.

As for the white plastic bags, an explanation has been offered by the office of the VP: — but until we find a reliable source of the photo of the white plastic bags with the stickers on them, we’ll never be sure of its true origins.

The earliest apperance of this photo online that I found is–wait for it–on the twitter account @FakeNoynoy which is, of course, a satiric twitter account (just sayin’ for those of you who have no satirical bones in your bodies )


Stop the Bashing

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