*Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement or endorsement of the product I’m about to write about. This is my personal experience that I would like to share with other bag owners who put expensive equipment in their bags on a regular basis.

On November 25, 2012 I bought an Olive Tenba Messenger Mini from Digital Walker Zoom, at the Abreeza Mall here in Davao City. Sometime in January, after mild use, I noticed that the metal clasps that connected the strap to the bag had worn out sooner than expected (if it were to be expected at all)

Since we were several hours delayed at Zambo airport early this June I decided to finally take pictures of the strap holders on my Tenba Olive Messenger mini. I had been worried that they wore out much sooner than I expected, and since the metal was out of shape it no longer allowed the strap to self-adjust when my movements demanded it. You can see the worn out places on the “black” clasps.

This is the other strap clasp, still good, pero obviously worn.

This is the bag itself, on my lap. Note the embroidery on the strap, you’ll understand when you see the rest of the pictures. It’s an Olive Messenger Mini 26815383626. At this time it had in it my D7K, a kit lens, the nifty, with Galen (80-200mm 4.5-5.5) attached to the cam, 1 flashgun, chargers and my iPad3 and iPhone5.

This is how the really worn clasp looked like when I sat on my seat on CebPac 5J394, ZAM-DVO on 8JUN. It had completely separated from the belt, and the weight of my bag just slipped past my shoulders, onto the top landing of the airstairs. It was a good thing the bag was padded and its shape must have kept it from rolling off the landing. If it had, I would have said bye bye to the equipment list on the previous pic.

I attached the pictures of my damaged strap clasp to a message to Tenba here on Facebook, detailing my initial apprehension and how the clasp finally gave out.

They responded a day later with an apology, and an email address I should send my postal details to so that they could send me a replacement strap. This was on 9 JUNE.

Today, 25 JUNE, this box arrived in the post, with the replacement strap. 

This photo was taken with an iPhone, but you can see the difference between the construction of the clasps. On the left you see my old strap clasps including the one that broke. On the right you see part of the strap that Tenba USA sent me. The very design/construction of the clasps is different. The metal in the replacement US clasps weighs considerably heavier than the one that came with the bag when I bought it.

On the upper left is the strap that came with my bag when I bought it. I hesitate to use the word “original” when describing this strap.

Lower right, the strap that Tenba USA sent as replacement.

I rest my case.

Thank you very much for taking care of this customer, Tenba, I will definitely buy from you again. Directly.

Tenba Cares

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