I have lived in Davao City for a full year now, and my feet have started to itch again for places that are now so close to me. Sometime last year we visited Butuan City on invitation from friends, and last April we went to Iloilo to attend the ANCOM 2013.

Traveling is imperative for one who likes taking pictures. So when my husband said he was going to take me with him while he attended a meeting in Zamboanga City, and in the following day he was also going to take me on a day trip to Basilan Province, I was overjoyed. These are places I have never visited, and so this chance was not one to let pass.

In short, I got my pictures, and I also managed to pick up a few things for my daughter as pasalubong. A few souvenir keychains for girls, articles of clothing, and more importantly, pictures of the places I had been to while I was away.

Here are some of them.

Basilan: Bulingan Falls, Lamitan City

Zamboanga: Paseo del Mar

Zamboanga – Basilan vv.

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