Balay is the Cebuano word for “house”. There are other words for house in the different languages in the Philippines; bahay, harong, bay, bale, abong, vahay, gunu. I use the Cebuano word because Cebu is where I spent more than half of my life so far. Other years were spent in Manila, Quezon City, Dumaguete, Iligan. But in each of those places I had a home.

Bambit is the nickname my parents gave me. The etymology of this nickname has been lost to time and forgetfulness. There are theories linking it to the Disney deer, but theory also says the Disney deer is a boy.

In my house there is my husband, Cris, whom you all know as Samuel Bilibit. There is my son Maui and daughter Maia, and my eldest son Pakluy who lives in Cebu. Mostly I blog about them.

There is also a tv set, a few computers, a connection to the internet which if removed will cause us all to go insane. I usually blog about those too. And if necessary for my health and general well-being, I blog about my neighbors and the city I live in now, Makati Iligan Parañaque Davao.

Kusang Palo, our domain, means “initiative” in Tagalog. We had launched several initiatives on the web before this, and they have all fallen into oblivion. Still, we’re not giving up. We’d like to think of ourselves as self-starters, which in Tagalog is referred to as “may kusang-palo.”

Welcome to my house. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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