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From layette to lingerie?

I used to buy dresses like this for Maia when she was a baby and we were living in Iligan City. There was a store called Trendline where I would go to for her baby clothes, and we went there

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Going UP

It’s been a while since I’ve looked in at my son’s boarding house in Baguio, in fact I don’t think I’ve been up there since first semester enrollment back when he went into UPB as a freshman. But now that

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Hello everyone!

This blog was down for a few days — almost a week, actually — due to financial constraints on the part of yours truly. Hosting fees need paid but then again so do second semester tuition, boarding house rent and

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Visita La Union

The Gaerlan Family finally had our outing to La Union last weekend. A long planned and oft postponed trip, but at long last it happened. Maia had been nagging at us to take her to the beach, and it had

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One plus one

More and more often these days I find myself wondering if online math help would have been much different a decade and a half ago, if Internet at home had been available to me and my young family. Math help

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Where to buy United Nations Costumes in Manila

It’s been the question midway through September. The next month meant United Nations celebrations in most schools in the Philippines, and more often than not it consisted of the kids dressing up in various native costumes of countries around the

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After Ondoy

The cleanup has started. Three days after Ondoy struck, signs of life from the local government has been detected in the form of a water tanker and hose held by the barangay street sweepers as they attempted to clear mud

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