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Chowking Salo Braised Beef Delivery: Walang Kwenta!

This is how Chowking advertises its Salo Braised Beef on its website The price tag is at P241.00, and judging from the picture, it seemed plenty enough to feed two people. This is what we got when we asked

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Fringe benefits

Affordable health insurance shouldn’t be a fringe benefit offered by companies to their employees, it should be one of the basic benefits. Working for a computer company, for instance, especially when you’re in programming when you spend the better part

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Something not quite right

Our company had just spent several million pesos renovating our office. Everything new from the ceilings all the way down to the carpet, with new furniture and appliances as well. But hardly three months after we moved back into the

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Retirement (continued)

The company I work for offers managed web hosting. Quite a number of companies do understand the importance of having a website but do not have either the time or the technical knowledge involved in publishing their site. That’s where

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I have no plans of retiring just yet, but I did hit the breaks just now. At first I thought it was a general burn out after several years of doing the same thing. But something happened at yesterday’s company

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Goodbye P910i

I got my Sony Ericsson P9109i from my then-coworker Ejay in the last quarter of 2005. He had just bought the phone himself, hardly two months old, but he had found a cellphone that he liked better. Perhaps if Ejay

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The Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny

Went to the mall today to pick up a few groceries, a few hours after Typhoon Santi decided he’d slapped enough trees and pulled the fronds out of coconut trees. I was expecting to find the mall deserted, but since

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